Life Begins At……?


So where do I start?

I am Ian and for years I have been your average guy plodding along in life, living each day as it comes. Pretty much like any other person you see walking down the street.

Putting a few pounds on never really bothered me and as a driver for a career this was all too easy to do looking back on it. Chocolate, crisps, cakes, sandwich packs and massive amounts of Coca-Cola were all just too convenient. And I would have carried it on without any thought.

Activity wise, I just wasn’t active at all, going everywhere by 4 wheels since 1998 when I passed my driving test Again this was something I really didn’t pay too much attention to even though I knew I wasn’t fit but I put that down to age. Ignorance is a dangerous thing.

Then in February 2015 it all changed. I suffered a Heart Attack and to think I was only 44 and with a brilliant wife & 3 boys, which shook me to the core and in fact I didn’t really accept it had happened for a good few months after. I went to a Cardiac Therapy group and was advised to cut out various things including fat, salts, offal, sugar etc which for me was a challenge as I ate them all, but knew it had to be done.

It was at this time I made the decision to get fit and I felt the easiest thing to do was start running, so went and got the running gear (running shoes, shorts etc) and off I went. Easy yes?…..err no, very quickly I realised this was going to be a long haul, what with excess weight, tight hamstrings, tight calves and shin splints, I had never experienced such pain, with exception of lots of wasp stings when I was very young.

So I tried several times over 18 months or so to kick start my running and I am not making excuses but work seemed to hinder this as I can do long hours. But during this summer I decided to get back to it properly and totally committed to getting fit again.

So when I saw that Stroud & District Athletic Club were starting up a new beginners group and after discussion with Helen, I joined this group and this is where the next chapter in my running healthier life begins…….